World’s Worst Mods: 1994 Lambomaro

Oct 25, 2021 - By Chris Weiss

camaroghini 02 Worlds Worst Mods: 1994 Lambomaro

The Camaro may not be a Lamborghini, but it is a pretty iconic muscle car all its own. So, if you’re going to kit the thing over to look like something else, at least be sure to do it right.

This owner didn’t do it right. In fact, he did it dead wrong. In what looks like something that was designed out of paper mache for a 5th grade art project, this ugly monster is one car hack’s take on a 1994 Camaro-Z28-based Lamborghini Gallardo. In short, it’s an awful idea with even worse execution. And the name is equally bad: the Rev Angel.

If you have a taste for poorly modified cars-or for the ironic-you can find this one with a starting bid under 4 grand on eBay. I’ll leave you with this priceless piece of the description: “This incredible Rev Angel 300HP V-8 Exotic Replica Supercar was meticulously designed and handcrafted (light strong metal, not heavy fiberglass!) to resemble million dollar exotic supercars, without the costs, maintenance, repairs, insurance, etc.” [via Jalopnik]