VW’s Golf GTI Excessive Concept

May 14, 2021 - By Chris Weiss

Joining the GTI Adidas at Wörthersee is the Volkswagen Golf GTI Excessive. Unlike the Adidas, the Excessive is but a concept and won’t be seeing production. According to VW, the idea behind the concept is  “extreme precision in the definition of shapes, radii and straight lines, as though cut with a razor blade.” We think it exemplifies that focus pretty well.

In order to make the Excessive pop, VW added a number of high-gloss black piano  pieces that stand out quite nicely against the cherry red. Some add-ons include a front spoiler, side sills and rear diffuser.

VW says that it’s up to fans whether the accessories used on the Excessive make it into its catalog. We’ll be pulling for them. [via egmCarTech]


  1. Posted by Tom McCan

    That is pretty instesting.