Video: Zonda R Test Drive

Oct 28, 2021 - By Chris Weiss

Zonda R Video: Zonda R Test Drive

The Zonda R is a rare, limited-edition, track-only hypercar that circled Nurburgring in a record-smashing 6:47.5 this past summer. And Tiff Needell, the lucky host of Fifth Gear, recently got to get behind the wheel to give himself a little closure on the end of the Zonda chapter. As is customary with television shows, the footage was captured on video and relayed for our enjoyment. And who wouldn’t enjoy seeing the outrageously fast and powerful Zonda R doing work, split between POV and external footage? You certainly do or else you wouldn’t be on a motor blog in the first place. Jump the break and hit play. [via WCF]