Video: The Ferrari FF Goes Everywhere


ferrari ff Web veil 2 Video: The Ferrari FF Goes Everywhere

Last week, Ferrari held an official unveiling of the FF concept for VIP types. It also provided Web access to the event. Frankly, I thought Ferrari already held a Web unveiling last month, but I guess this one was different.

One way it was different is that it brought the best video clip of the FF yet. A three-minute segment that shows the concept barreling through just about every type of terrain you’d drive on-snow, wet pavement, dirt road, sand, etc. It also shows the FF in a few new colors. It’s a great piece of video that begs to be watched. Jump and it’s all yours. [via Inside Line]


  1. Posted by Riverside Courier

    At its peak the Roman Empire was connected by 29 major roads moving out from Rome and covering 78,000 kilometers or 52,964 Roman miles of paved roads.

  2. Posted by richie_d_holmie

    Oddly enough, the FF reminded me of a nissan versa with a little european tweaking. I saw that one at one of the (dnissan dealers on long island and I swear it looks almost the same.

  3. Posted by thomasstrome

    I'm sure that Ferrari is rejoicing for theirs newest car by that time. Bayridge nissan on the other hand have created a monster named Nissan GTR 2012.

  4. Posted by hCG injections

    Hope to drive one of Ferrari car someday..