The Prius Sells 1 Million Priuses, Amid “Smug” Jokes


Yes, we know Toyota recently held a vote and insists the plural of “Prius” is “Prii”. We’re pretty sure 4Chan was involved in that one.

Anyway, as you might have guessed, the original green status symbol and butt of thousands of jokes by cranky old people who don’t get why the kids care so much about that durned global warming Glenn Beck told them was fake is officially grown up, selling a big-boy 1 million cars as of April 5th. So what’s next?

According to Toyota’s press release, just keep on keepin’ on. The Prius has sold three million cars globally, with two million of those sold in 2010. It’s consistently stayed at the top of the hybrid charts, which is a bit like saying you totally dominated the Children’s section of the Billboard charts, but hey, a sale is a sale.

Granted, it took eleven years to sell three million of these cars, for most of that decade your choice was a Prius or nothing if you wanted a hybrid, and the competition in this arena is finally starting to pick up a bit, meaning the Prius is finally facing a challenge. But it’s coming from a position of strength.