Toyota Continues Prius MPV Puzzle Teaser


When we saw the first billboard-styled teaser for the Prius MPV, we could make out a puzzle theme. And indeed, in its latest teaser, Toyota made it clear that it plans to stick with the whole puzzle thing, showing a puzzle-piece-shaped teaser image depicting the push-button ignition and some audio controls.

Toyota does realize that the world isn’t really that excited about the Prius MPV, right? So to tease it in the form of something even less exciting-a puzzle-just doesn’t seem like the way to hype its big Prius up. Unless of course, it plans to only sell Prius MPVs to the old ladies that still enjoy a good puzzle.

Hopefully the readers will forgive us, but we think we’ll be skipping the rest of the puzzle teasers. [via Carscoop]