This is BMW’s Idea of a Pick-Up Truck


Yeah, yeah, we know, we know, April Fool’s Day was last week. It looks like somebody Photoshopped this for a gag article about how BMW is going to bring back the DeSoto or something.

But this? Not a joke. It’s lightning fast and can haul a This really does exist, it’s as incredible as it seems…and you will never, ever, ever be able to buy one.

No, really. Not happening. Why?

It’s a custom job for friends, essentially. Based off of the M3 Convertible, it was built for a motorcycle company to haul parts around on tracks.

It still caused one heck of a stir when people started seeing it a few months ago, though. Partially because about half of the people who saw it refused to believe it existed, and the other half insisted that it wasn’t a custom job courtesy of BMW, but rather some inventive mechanic putting something together on his own time.

But it was recently verified as real, and thus has instead become an object of indescribable car lust. Seriously, I hate pickups and I want one.

In conclusion, yes, BMW built their buddies a shop vehicle out of a convertible that you need a six figure income just to think about owning. It pays to have rich friends.