Here at MotorCrave, we make no apologies about the fact that the Porsche Cayenne is one ugly sucka. We also squarely believe that as ugly as it is, it gets light years worse every time a tuning house lays a finger upon it. The Techart seen here is a case in point.

We won’t tinkle and shake on Techart’s parade any more than that-the 800-lb purple pile of hideous in the room has been outed.

The real point here is that the Techart-tuned Cayenne Turbo hit an impressive 200 mph at the High Speed Event in Italy. Driver Sandro Reuter captained the big, burly boat to the 200-mark, making the Porsche the fastest full size SUV ever-not necessarily the most coveted award in the automotive chest, but noteworthy just the same.

Helping make the achievement possible, the Techart benefits from an extra 130 hp over the standard Cayenne Turbo, bringing the total up to 680 hp. An aerodynamics kit is also part of the package. [via egmCarTech]