Supercar Sacrilege! 10 Horrifically Ugly Modded Supercars

Aug 01, 2021 - By Chris Weiss

Exotic cars, whether of the sport or luxury variety, are the artful masterpieces of the highway. These vehicles excel beyond all others both in terms of styling and performance, and they don’t need any aftermarket attention to make people stare in envy. Unfortunately, that doesn’t stop tuners from trying.

With a proclivity for disaster, tuners have injected their own vision into these once-beautiful vehicles in an attempt to further enhance their illustrious beauty and brawn. Unfortunately, that didn’t go so well.

Mixing audacity, wasted skills and sheer, misguided insanity, each tuner involved in this list has failed pretty hard and executed unconscionable and egregious crimes against the automotive world.

Hamann Ferrari F430 Black Miracle

The Ferrari F430 is a car that would look good in nearly any color. It’s unfathomable, therefore, that Hamann chose to issue its Black “Miracle” in a few of the select colors it doesn’t look good in at all-matte black with excessive  fluorescent orange detailing. Note to Hamman: the F430 is quite captivating on its own; it doesn’t need bright orange rims or mirrors screaming at onlookers to turn their heads. Nor does it want it. Perhaps the red or yellow detail options look a little more flattering, but we doubt it. And we’re not very inspired to take a second look. The swing-up Lambo doors are also a bit excessive. Hamann has handily ruined a car that previously appeared unruinable. Congratulations.

Edo Competition/Audigier Lamborghini Murcielago LP 710

At first blush, the one-off paint job on this Murcielago doesn’t look half bad. Then it slowly sinks in: this is a Lamborghini Murcielago, and some brazen clothes designer decided to use it as his canvas to paint skulls and flowers. Unacceptable. Whether you love or hate Audigier’s clothing line, you must see the  injustice in using one of the sexiest contemporary supercars to experiment with fruity designs. To make matters worse, some notable performance enhancements courtesy of Edo pushed this particular Lambo to 224 mph, making it one of the fastest ever. So we can’t quite figure out the unnecessary team-up with Audigier. If you look closely, you’ll see a lone tear of despair rolling off the raging bull.

ASMA Perfectus SLR

The sloped, elongated nose of this tuned Mercedes McLaren SLR is so grossly out of proportion with the rest of the vehicle that it looks as though it could flip the rear into the air and capsize at any given moment. Frankly, we wish it would. The full frontal brings memories of the times one stares into the eyes of a cute girl walking down the street, only to be drawn downwards to an oversized, brace-filled mouth and rugged, masculine jawline-a clear deal-breaker on the beauty factor.  Of course, the extended rear fenders, modified rear bumper and million-euro price tag don’t help the Perfectus’ cause any either-through and through a poor decision.

Porsche/Toyota/Peugeot Hybrid

Beginning with a Porsche 928 S4, the tuner of this car decided it prudent to cross it with a Peugeot with hints of Toyota. Logical enough, right?  Shockingly, the end result doesn’t look half bad from the side-save for the flame and fuzzy dice tattoos. But that grill…what is wrong with that grill? Even the grill itself appears to be completely aghast, holding its mouth open as if to question what exactly went wrong to leave it looking that way.  That’s a question that will haunt us all for some time.

Gemballa Porsche Mirage GT Gold Edition

It would be easy to dismiss our utter disdain for the Gold Edition as a direct result of the unnecessary amount of tawdry gold paint that’s been splashed on. However, it’s not the mere use of gold paint, it’s the odd places that Gemballa has chosen to brush it on-air intakes, rear diffuser, middle of the spoiler and wing mirrors, to name a few key transgressions. It’s as though the placement allows us to clean our palate of tacky gold paint just long enough to be horrified anew by its reemergence a little farther down our sight line. Open the door and be terrorized yet again by a slew of interior gold accents.

ASMA Design PhantASMA Mercedes CL65 Wide Body

Working your company name into your product in that fashion should be grounds enough for a scathing review, but as fate would have it, the “PhantASMA” has much more glaring problems to focus our contempt on. If it weren’t for the little inconvenience called the ground, we’re pretty sure that ASMA would have extended that horrendous vacuum-like grill another full foot or two. On top of that, the beefy wide body does everything but complement the CL65’s profile, making it unrecognizable to those that don’t know whose soul was recklessly pillaged to create this evil being.  The extended rear bumper isn’t quite as much of a travesty, and the 735-hp twin-turbo V12 helps to smooth things over a little, but nothing will ever make that front end okay.

Hamann SLR Volcano

Hopefully, tuners have gotten SLR tunes out of their systems now that the venerable supercar has been discontinued, because here we have yet another poorly-executed version. Surprise, surprise, it’s from Hamann. The “Volcano” has managed to turn the half-million-dollar icon into a more-powerful, beefed-up version of the neighborhood pimp’s outrageously modded-out Honda Civic. With its massive spoiler, white-and-black paint scheme and namesake etched across the doors, the Volcano brings the SLR crashing down to the level of pure rice- a far, painful fall indeed. Believe it or not, the black-and-white edition is actually the more tasteful Volcano-check out Hamann’s website for an orange-and-black version that should send you running to the bathroom.

Mansory Bentley Continental GT Speed Vitesse Rose

If there’s actually an individual that has enough money to think that a bright pink and purple Bentley Continental is a reasonable idea, perhaps it’s time to rethink socialism. If you aren’t already completely horrified by the multi-toned exterior, the bright pink and purple interior is enough to make your eyes bleed. Look if you dare. Clearly not knowing when to quit, Mansory even extended its flamboyant color scheme under the hood. Shameless.

Anliker SLR 999 Red Gold Dream

Despite the inarguable truth, we won’t stoop so low as to swap the word nightmare into the name of this Swiss-tuned SLR. But suffice it to say, a mere glance at the car has undoubtedly made more than one car exec, fanboy and young child wake up in cold sweats. From the monstrously invasive front end to the gaudy gold accents everywhere you look, this cartoonish hunk is perhaps the ugliest SLR tune we’ve seen. And that’s saying a lot.

Fab Designs Mercedes SL “Ultra Wing”

Fab ultra wing1 Supercar Sacrilege! 10 Horrifically Ugly Modded Supercars

Just reading the cheesy moniker that Fab Designs decided to slap on its Frankenstein-like creation is enough to predict the horror to come. At least part of it. Nothing quite prepares one for the horrible diarrhea color that dominates every inch of both the exterior and interior. That combined with alligator skin and unnecessary winged doors make this car one of the tackiest abominations to ever defile the streets.


  1. Posted by qwe

    some of these cars looks good… especially the first 2 cars

  2. Posted by Antonio

    Author of this was on drugs.

  3. Posted by Linek

    Only F430 looks acceptable, but still worse than the original. I wouldn't buy any of these, they are just ugly, and their owners/creators showed here a real lack of style.

  4. Posted by Jesus

    those who said these cars are ugly are full of crap. those cars are works of art to be cherished by those who truly know how to enjoy art.

    heres a question for you, the author:
    si tu madre es un gallina y tu padre es una vaca, que eres tu?

  5. Posted by Jesus

    those who said these cars are ugly are full of crap. those cars are works of art to be cherished by those who truly know how to enjoy art.

  6. Posted by Sennon

    Should change the title to "10 Beautifully great designed cars"

  7. Posted by camtwister

    Some of these fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down. WTF is ASMA thinking? Thank goodness Gembella's out of the game; he's ruined many a Porsche.

  8. Posted by ashurbanipal

    At least half of these cars actually looked quite amazing. What the f*ck is wrong with the author…

  9. Posted by kspr

    It's true some cars look good, but not all of them… I, for sure, wouldn't drive the last 3 cars..

  10. Posted by Manizno

    The only one I dislike is the red one.

  11. Posted by waldyman

    author must be insecure and frustrated he cant have those XD the cars are fantastic, except for the red/gold one

  12. Posted by Chris Weiss

    Yeah, I’m all torn up…

  13. Posted by Billy mays

    Author is an idiot with zero taste for nice looking cars…nothing to see here

  14. Posted by god

    this car are some pretty nice ones .. the author should get the fuck out of his toyota echo and get in a Porsche

  15. Posted by d0x

    Wow wow you people who are bashing the author and saying any of these cars are ok need your heads examined. YOU are whats wrong with the world, please change.