Spyker Releases Limited Edition Timepieces

Oct 20, 2021 - By Chris Weiss

If there’s one thing that gets my heart beating nearly as fast as a 650-hp cherry red supercar, it’s a high-end, special-edition timepiece. Nothing with fancy diamonds, jewels or any effeminate nonsense-just a high quality, Swiss-tuned analog watch that looks good with anything from a tuxedo to a pair of jeans and T-shirt.

Combining these two enclaves of male fascination, Dutch supercar manufacturer and Saab owner Spyker has launched its own line of fine watches. Manufactured by Geneva-based Thierry Chaunu of Expression D’Artistes International, the watches feature Spyker-badged bezels, hand-stitched leather bands and a variety of components that take inspiration from Spyker design like its aero-inspired logo and exhaust pipes.

The watch will be offered in a variety of styles: 18K grey and rose gold finishes, of which 250 examples each will be made, and polished steel and matt black titanium finishes, of which 1,000 each will be offered. Prices range from $9,750 to $30,500. [via MotorAuthority]