Scorching Hot: Lexus LFA Drifting Around Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model (Yes, There’s Video)


What’s hotter than a 500-model, $375K supercar? A 500-model, $375K supercar pulling donuts around a supermodel in matching bikini. That’s one of many exhilarating things that you’ll see if you pop open the 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, which hit newsstands today.

Model Rianne Ten Haken looked her sexiest while a Lexus LFA ran smoking circles around her in an airport hangar. Not your usual rolling-in-the-sand SI Swimsuit shoot, but pretty damn sexy all the same.

Check out a little behind-the-scenes footage of the shoot in the video after the break. [via WCF]


  1. Posted by richie_d_holmie

    Again, my frustration at not being able to see a lot of those at the car dealers on long island. Why they haven't gotten around to building 1000 units is such a mystery to me

  2. Posted by thomasstrome

    With that my attention drifts away from the car and head straight into the lady. Long island nissan dealers should also make commercials that would make people buy cars.

  3. Posted by Tee_rrance

    I suddenly thought of "A Superstar meets Supercar"! I'm planning of pimping my used nissan cars to get a new look out of it. Besides, yellow and orange are great colors, right?

  4. Posted by milkyocoatoy