Pretty in Pink Lamborghini Sums Up All That’s Wrong with Capitalism

Feb 19, 2021 - By Chris Weiss

If you thought you were angry at the crafty, Madoff-esque criminals that robbed hard-working Americans blind only to add a few yachts to their stables and vacation homes to their real estate portfolios, we have some news for you: this Lamborghini Gallardo might inspire murderous thoughts that last for weeks on end. 

Kirk Wright, a deplorable hedge-fund manager  defrauded his customers to the tune of $185 million. And what was so important that he needed all that money for? Apparently, a sickening, pinked-up, rhinestoned Lamborghini Gallardo for his wife.

Hopefully, the prosecution presented these pictures when sentencing him to 710 years in prison. We’re pretty sure the judge would have added a few extra years just for this car.

After going to prison, Frank Wright subsequently hung himself in his cell in 2008.

The car was impounded, sold and is now the property of Ft. Lauderdale’s EuroMotorSport. The company plans to sell it and donate some of the money to the investment victims. For the sake of our roads, we hope they buff out some of that pink first. You can see more pictures here. [via Jalopnik] [Photo: Alex Weber]