Porsche Confirms New Car For Detroit, Gives No Details At All


Earlier this month, a Porsche official stated that Stuttgart has something “spectacular” to show in Detroit. This week Porsche has officially confirmed that a new car is coming to next month’s big show.

What Porsche hasn’t confirmed is what that new car will be. Rumors from early-December point to an all-new model between the 911 and 918. Others speculate that the car will be a more refined version of the 918 Spyder Hybrid concept, which is now headed for production.

I’d be pretty psyched about either of those two, but if it turns out to be another hardcore version of an existing model (Cayman R) or something like the Cajun crossover, I’m going to start ignoring Porsche announcements.

Porsche will hold its press conference on January 10 and will offer it live over the Web at porsche.com/detroit. [via Inside Line]


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