Mulholland Fails: Compilation of Worst Driving on One of America’s Best Driving Roads


The same way that money can’t buy you class, an expensive sports or luxury car can’t buy you driving skills. And over and over again, drivers of expensive cars prove that.

Take this video for example. Mulholland Highway outside of Los Angeles, is one of the most scenic, fun roads to drive in an area filled with expensive, exotic cars of all kinds. So it’s a natural place for a little weekend cruising. In fact, Jay Leno-LA’s most famous exotic car guy-has used the road in his video tests. And while Leno fared okay around Mulholland’s twists and turns, not every driver has been so adept. Just take a look at the video montage of awful Mulholland driving after the jump. It’s a hoot. [via AutoBlog]