McLaren Hard at Work on F1 Replacement


Wow, this week has been absolutely epic in terms of supercar news. We have news about the current fastest car in the world, a possible future fastest car in the world, and now, the past title holder of fastest car in the world. McLaren is reportedly hard at work on its next car: a replacement for its F1, a car that held the top speed spot back in the 90′s with its 231 mph top speed.

The new F1 is due out in 2012 and word is that it will feature “revolutionary” design, offering a completely fresh look. There are no details on what engine will drive it, but it’s said to feature a mid-engine configuration and carbon monocoque frame like the MP4-12C. Lightness is key to the new F1, and it will reportedly integrate some new solutions to shaving pounds.

The F1 will cost significantly more than the MP4-12C and may be a regular production model rather than a limited edition. [via InsideLine]


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