We’re not generally huge fans of Mansory’s work. Just take a look at what they did to the Rolls Royce Ghost if you’re wondering why. But there’s something alright about the Mansory G-Couture. Sure it sounds like the name of a gay rapper. Sure you don’t really need carbon fiber woven all over top your jeep. But, then again, you don’t really need a Mercedes G 55 AMG either. So we’re giving a rare nod in Mansory’s direction here.

Obviously, the G-Couture gets wrapped in carbon fiber, but it’s not just any carbon fiber; it’s carbon fiber that’s been compressed in a special pressure chamber to remove all the air inclusions. The Mercedes also gets nearly 200 extra horses thanks to the swapping out of components with SLR components. The output is raised up to 700 hp with 590 lb-ft of torque. The jeep sits on one-piece 23-inch rims with Pirelli Scorpions.

Mansory will offer the G-Couture in the exclusive amount of lucky seven. [via WCF]