Lansing Michigan Gets Country’s Best Plug-In Vehicle Incentives

Oct 06, 2021 - By Chris Weiss

Car companies with plug-ins on the horizon, like Chevy and Nissan, are all to happy to point out how base pricing will be offset by the up to $7,500 worth of federal tax incentives available to plug-in buyers. Consumers in Lansing, Michigan, which will be among the first launch markets for the Volt, will enjoy a much deeper government incentive: up to $15,000.

The Lansing Board of Water and Light announced this week that it will match federal monies for plug-in buyers. So if you get the full $7,500, you’ll get $15,000 altogether. And LBWL’s portion is available as an on-the-spot payment rather than a tax credit. Not only that, but the agency will pay installation fees for charging equipment.

There must be a catch, right? The catch is only that Lansing currently only plans to offer this benefit to 25 buyers. And there’s 29 already signed up. They’re currently looking to expand the program to include more buyers. [via AutoBlogGreen]