Lamborghini Jeep and Entry Level Model Making a Comeback?

Jul 20, 2021 - By Chris Weiss

Back in the late 80s, as a Lambo-obsessed child I was both shocked and fascinated when I first found out that the automaker behind my beloved Countach and Miura also made a boxy, muscular off-roader. While I wasn’t too sure about the LM002 when I first spotted it in my bible of Lamborghinis, its ruggedly handsome looks grew on me. There was something so intriguing about taking an unsuspecting guest into the garage to show off your Lamborghini, only to pull the cover off a jeep. And not just any jeep, but a hardened, military-esque piece of V12-powered machinery.

Well, if you’ve been missing the ol’ Lambo jeep as much as I have, you may be in for a treat. According to a report originating on Car and Driver, Lamborghini is considering producing another SUV. And rather than a “stylish” luxury boat-ala the Porsche Cayenne-Lamborghini will be looking to go back to where it’s most comfortable-the hardcore end of the market. The new jeep will reportedly share a platform with the VW Touareg and aforementioned Cayenne, if it makes it into production.

In other Lamborghini news, the Raging Bull is also considering an entry level model in the vein of the Urraco, Silhouette and Jalpa, to fit underneath the Gallardo.

Here’s to hoping there’s nothing but truth in both these rumors. [via AutoBlog]