Katy Perry is British Drivers’ Dream Passenger


It appears that British drivers enjoy driving around with pulsating blue balls. In a recent poll conducted by the MPH the Prestige & Performance Motor Show, British male drivers selected Katy Perry as the female they’d most like to have in the passenger seat. The men’s car of choice was a Lamborghini Gallardo. In a rather cheeky double entendre, the poll findings said that Perry “”beat off stiff competition to become the favorite.”

Women, on the other hand, chose Robert Pattison of Twilight fame in a Ferrari 458 (sounds like a new version of Clue).

I was a little disappointed in the guys. First, you could have any car you want-why choose the baby Lambo. Second, if you’re getting a dream ride with a quarter-million-dollar sports car, why not use it to woo someone that’s going to do more than tease the hell out of you and leave you, shall we say…unsatisfied. Poll Fail. [via Inside Line]


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    What's the matter, if she is British Drivers Dream passenger