iPhone App Will Let Rescue Personnel Pull You From Any Car


There are literally thousands of different types of cars on the road, each with different systems and different safety features in different places. Normally, all this means is you sometimes need to find a specialized mechanic, but if you’re in a car wreck, it could be the difference between being pulled from the wreckage unharmed or pulled from the wreckage dead.

Fortunately, thanks to Bohemian Innovation, there’s an app for that.

No, seriously. It’s an app. Called “Extraction Zones”, it’s designed to show rescue personnel the simplest, most direct way to use the Jaws of Life to pry accident victims out of their wrecked vehicles. Working with a professional extraction company, the app shows the location of all vehicle systems and safety features so that firemen know where to cut.

It sounds a bit over-the-top and unnecessary, but the truth is, cutting in the wrong place is extremely risky. While there’s no substitute for your being a safe driver (something to think about the next time you blow off a speed limit sign), this will go a long way towards saving lives.

But, uh, let’s hurry up and get it on more platforms, guys. We don’t want to count on our firefighters all owning iPhones.