While an enclosed motorcycle might be moving dangerously close to efficient, one-seat car, this one earns a little respect for its sheer awesome design. Brought to us by Shane Baxley, a design student at Pasadena’s Art Center College of Design, the vehicle “delivers the mobility and speed of a motorcycle while offering the safety that a cocoon offers a butterfly. The Aebulle is targeted for the Los Angeles region where it would utilize the commuter lanes allowing its occupant a quick commute.” In LA, it should also earn you a conversation or two with a scantily-clad blond beauty.

Baxley got pretty creative with the Aebulle (cocoon in Korean), incorporating two  independently-mounted front wheels, in-wheel motors, floor-mounted li-ions and an e-ink display for information like speed and fuel.

It may take away a little of the wind-in-your-face freedom of today’s motorcycle, but it looks incredibly fun to drive. [via Carscoop]