2009-honda-p-nut-concept 6

Honda teased the P-NUT (Personal-Neo Urban Transport) concept a few weeks ago, and for those who’ve been waiting with bated breath, it’s finally here. The tiny sub sub-compact, puts the driver in the center of the vehicle while pushing the powertrain to the rear. Two passenger seats are available in back, and despite the small overall size, word is that it is roomy and comfortable for everyone inside.

A number of engine possibilities are envisioned for the P-NUT including small displacement internal combustion engine, a hybrid gasoline-electric and battery-electric. The large windshield doubles as a navigation and rear-view back-up camera display.

To be honest, outside of that disasterous rear, this really isn’t that bad looking and certainly not nearly as geeky as we were afraid of. The front end gives a little bit of a menacing stare and the flowing glass roof is something of beauty. Don’t get too attached, though, as Honda is using the P-NUT in the most conceptual of ways and doesn’t plan to put it into production. [via Motor Authority]