Got an EV? Charge It At an RV Park


Whether it’s a zippy Tesla Roadster or a sedate Nissan Leaf, all electric cars have the same problem: range. You’ve got to plug them in and charge them up, and if you’re running low on charge, you’ve got to get back home fast before the power runs out.

But, it turns out that if you’re too far away from home to recharge, power can come from an unlikely place: your local RV park.

If you know the specifications of RVs, especially ones designed to be lived in for a while, it makes more sense: your typical Winnebago is a power hog, and needs a dedicated electrical hookup, just like a house, in order to operate properly. It turns out that those power hookups are also ideal for charging up your EV.

Keep in mind you’ll pay for the privilege, although not the cost of a tank of gas, and not all RV parks offer this service. Also, you’ll be there for four hours or so, so we hope you brought your laptop, or possibly a book, to keep yourself busy while you wait. Still, it’s cheaper than a tow and can save you a lot of money, or at the very least frustration. A good trick to know, as EVs become more common.