Ferrari Fury: Novitec’s Near-900-Hp 599 GTO


novitec rosso 599 2 Ferrari Fury: Novitecs Near 900 Hp 599 GTO

Back when the 599 GTO came out, Ferrari called it the fastest road-going Ferrari ever. Of course, that designation didn’t take extreme tunes into account. And when you take the fastest Ferrari ever and put it through an extreme tune, you have a beast of a car.

Novitec Rosso used two supercharges, a modified exhaust system, an air-to-water intercooler and custom intake manifolds to achieve 888 horses and 636 lb-ft (up from 671 hp and 457 lb-ft) in its 599 GTO tune. That equipment chops .15 seconds off the 0 to 62 mph, which is brought down to 3.2 seconds, and adds 3 mph up to a 211 mph top speed.

Other equipment includes lowering springs, a front-end lift and forged wheels, 21-inch in front and 22-inch in back. The car gets a silver with yellow stripe paint job and includes blacked-out lights.

The Novitec 599 GTO will join a tuned 458 and California in Geneva this week. [via Automobile]


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    Wow! I really want to listen the tune of the engine of that Ferrari:)

  2. Posted by buy steroids uk

    stunning car except that silly yellow bonnet stripe.