Drag Racing Cars of 2011


There are drag racing organizations in the United States, United Kingdom, South America, South Africa, Asia, and Australia. In fact, drag racing has become so popular that many movies have been produced about street drag racing. It’s important to keep in mind that street racing is illegal and caution should be taken. So even though your Toyota Corolla may get excellent gas mileage and top safety ratings from the Highway Institute, it’s not in anyone’s best interest for you to race in it. There are cars that are made just for that.

There are three contenders in the muscle car arena: the Mustang, the Camaro, and the Challenger. All three are equipped with enough horses to move entire families of pioneers across the country if this were the 1800s. However, in an evaluation conducted by Motor Trend, the Mustang GT 5.0 comes in first among the three in terms of speed, handling, and braking. With that, the Mustang is the top choice for muscle car drag racing.

The BMW name is associated with quality and luxury. The 2011 M3 coupe’s fine German engineering makes it a top pick for drag racing. Its engine displacement is 4.0, a liter less than the Mustang GT’s 5.0. In a test conducted between the two, though, the M3 beats the Mustang’s speed by just a fraction of a second. The M3 also gives the driver better control. But also keep in mind that the Mustang is much more accessible and cost-friendly overall.

The Ferrari 458 Italia is the second fastest car conducted in a race by Motor Trend among ten other cars. You can say it came in first if the race only allowed street legal cars (ahem, not the Nissan Skyline). It covered the quarter mile distance in just a little over 11 seconds and it can be yours if you’ve got about a quarter million dollars to throw down.

Cars that are generally considered fast and are also a greater liability and cost more to insure. Even with a good driving record, make sure to get an insurance quote on the car to help you with your buying options. But if you can afford a car that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars, it shouldn’t be a problem.