We see plenty of eye candy here on MotorCrave, but not nearly enough of it sports long, luxurious blonde hair. Today, we remedy that shortcoming.

We don’t necessarily care that much about this tank of an SUV by Dartz, but since it has a Russian model wearing all kinds of outfits you wish you’d see more of in your bedroom, we’ve stocked this post with a full gallery. And let’s just say this gal ain’t shy.

If you’re interested in the red monster in the background, it’s the Dartz Prombron Red Diamond Edition, an SUV that makes Hummer look like the kid with head gear and half-inch-thick glasses. It has bulletproof windows, body and wheels. Other inclusions are a tungsten exhaust system, gem-coated gauges and a Rogue Acoustic Audio System.

We’ll take the spread-eagle blonde on the hood over a whale penis interior any day. Not for a million Euros though. [via WCF]