Conan O’Brien Blows Up 1969 Dodge Dart


There’s only a few weeks left until Conan O’Brien returns to the air on TBS. Even if you don’t like CoCo, you’re probably just a little curious to see what he’ll have up his sleeve to compete with Leno and the other network late night shows. Well, if a new promo featuring him beating up his stunt double and Thelma/Louising a gas-covered Dodge Dart trunk-loaded with explosives off a 900-foot cliff is any indication, Conan’s bringing his A game.

Conan’s been a rather polarizing-type figure (as anyone in his position would have been) since taking over for Jay Leno and subsequently leaving NBC, so those that love him will probably love this promo and those that don’t will find some reason to dislike it. But it’s sure a different take on the TV show promo. Continue and play. [via AutoBlog]