Chrysler’s EV Loses $10,000 a Sale?


Meet the Fiat 500 BEV. It costs $32,000, which is pretty high for a car that ugly, but pretty much in line with what an electric car will set you back these days, and, let’s be honest: it is from Fiat, which has a long history of fugmobiles.

And guess what? Chrysler is still going lose the cost of a Smart Car on the deal. It’s like the perfect storm of suck.

Why’d we bail these guys out and sell them to Fiat again?

In case you were wondering, Chrysler admits this up front, which would seem to be a good moment to fire the crap out of whoever decided a struggling automaker should put out an electric car despite it losing $10K a pop, but somehow that didn’t happen.

To be fair, Chrysler is limiting production to limit its losses, and sees the BEV not as their entry into a newly competitive market with cars like the Nissan Leaf or, of course, the Prius, but basically as a pilot program to learn more about electric cars.

So…wait…they want people to pay $32,000 to buy a car that’s basically a beta test for the real car? Seriously? Why not, oh, just develop a better car? That’s what we’d do.