China Doesn’t Like The Jeep Wrangler?


Want to hear something funny?

China has vehicle safety standards! No, really! The same country that gave us the Chery Amulet, a car that crumples like a tin can at forty miles an hour during impact tests! There are cars they won’t accept!

In this case, the Jeep Wrangler, because it keeps catching on fire for some reason.

The General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine can’t do their job with products made within China, apparently, but they can with imported products. They claim to have received several reports of imported Wranglers catching fire thanks to faulty automatic transmissions. So, until Chrysler fixes the problem, no Jeep Wranglers can be imported into China.

Could this actually be a problem? Maybe. Companies have a long record of offloading defective products on countries with low consumer quality standards, and China fits that bill. On the other hand, China also has a long history of punishing companies it doesn’t like, or that some state sponsored body is about to flagrantly rip off, by claiming their products are terrible and keeping them out of China’s market. Considering this is the first we’ve heard of Wranglers catching fire, we’ll withhold any opinion until more information becomes available.


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