Brazilian Supercar: Amoritz GT DR7

Apr 07, 2021 - By Chris Weiss

It seems like supercars are coming from all corners of the globe as of late and Brazil has officially thrown its hat into the ‘Ring. The Amoritz GT DR7 is the supercar with a little samba. The car is driven by a Viper-sourced 8.4-liter V10 engine worth 604 hp and 560 lb-ft.

The DR7 has been designed by Fernando Morita and features an F1-style center-positioned driver’s cockpit. From what we’re seeing, there’s plenty of style outside too, but that could be just the angle and surreal red glow of the teaser image.

There’s no word on pricing but the DR7 will apparently be limited to 50 units. It will be officially introduced in October. [via WCF]