Electric motorcycles are a tough sell; you can easily get superior efficiency out of a regular motorcycle when compared to a car, so you’re already doing your part. Plus, having 200 mph worth of power underneath your package is rewarding whether you plan to use it all on one trip or not. Why dull that down for an electric drivetrain?

Well, Brammo is getting closer to making a persuasive argument. Its new Empulse, is a muscular moto that is capable of speeds up to 100 mph and a range of up to 100 miles-why they didn’t call it the Empulse 100 is beyond me. Not only that, but it emulates raw capability from its compact but powerful stance.

The Empulse will be available in 6 kWh, 8 kWh and 10 kWh models (60-, 80-, 100-mile ranges) starting from $9,995. Not a bad price, enough practical performance, a look that will earn respect from all but the most grizzled hog loyalists, and a greener way of enjoying the open road-now we’re getting somewhere with electric bikes. You can see it later this year at your local Best Buy. [via Jalopnik]