Biodegradable Car Bodies: Coming Soon?


Cars are a lot of things, but “biodegradable” isn’t one of them. Not that car makers haven’t been trying for years: ever since “biodegradable” became a buzz word in the mid-90s, they’ve been doing their best to design a car that will eventually rot away, instead of being unearthed by future civilizations and mistaken for a coffin or something.

Of course, they didn’t go quite as far as the Phoenix, here…

Made entirely out of bamboo, rattan, nylon and a little steel, the Phoenix was built in ten days and is designed to, well, rot eventually. In fact, the skin of the car (i.e., the bamboo part) is only designed to last five to ten years, which is about how long people hang onto cars.

Naturally, a new skin can be attached to the car.

Needless to say, this hasn’t been put through any sort of crash test, which would be our first question if somebody tried to sell us a wicker car: in fact, it doesn’t even have a motor in it yet. It’s been entered in a design competition and mostly exists as just a concept.

But, hey, it looks neat, and it sure beats some of the terrible designs you see at auto shows, anyway.


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    isn't metal fully recyclable already so no need for this really.