Best. Internship. Ever. Drive Bugatti Veyrons Across The Country For VW


Tired of getting no respect at your lowly, office-bitch internship? Tired of slinging coffee and deli to grumbling superiors that don’t look you in the eyes? Why not step up to a new type of internship. An awesome type of internship.

Jalopnik found this little gem from Volkswagen, an internship that involves working on Bugatti’s press team. As if that isn’t cool enough in and of itself, responsibilities include “Scheduling of press cars for events,” “Professional driver services” and “Vehicle transportation,” presumably involving transporting 16-cylinder Veyrons around to various press events. There are a whole bunch of other responsibilities too, but those are two that stand out.

And even if you don’t actually get to drive the Veyron anywhere (I’d be surprised if they really let greasy, hungover 20-year-olds behind the wheel of a $2-million car), you’re basically working around the world’s fastest supercar day in and day out. Sure beats filing papers for for the local law clerk.

The position is in Herndon, Virginia, and like all awesome (and terrible) internships is only open to current college students (otherwise, I’d be too busy applying to share). You can get more info and apply here.