Bertone-Designed Jaguar B99 Concept


Bertone Jag B99 Bertone Designed Jaguar B99 Concept

Another sexy Geneva debut, the B99 is designed by Italian design firm Bertone in cooperation with Jaguar. The concept is meant to give us a look at the possible direction that Jaguar could take with a new small sedan that it is planning for 2013/2014.

Bertone sought to compact the dimensions of the sedan, while maintaining an equal weight distribution over the wheels. So, instead of designing a rear-oriented fastback, Bertone cut out the B-pillar and made reverse rear doors. This structure gives the B99-which is named for Bertone’s 99th anniversary-the shorter dimensions that Jaguar is looking for, with a look removed from fastback models like the XJ and XF.

Bertone design chief Mike Robinson said of the B99′s future: “After Geneva, if they like it, we hope to present our designs to Jaguar.” [via Autocar]


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