Heffner crop

The minute you lay eyes on this Heffner-tuned Murcielago, it’s crystal clear that it oozes power like few other vehicles you’ve ever seen. That’s before you even learn about the 1,100 hp or 5.1-second 60 to 130 mph jump. Those facts merely confirm what your eyes and gut already told you: this tune was designed to tear the paint straight off the freeway. The Florida-based tuner has added twin turbochargers to the Lamborghini and focused all 1,100 horses on the rear wheels. What results is an intimidating yet intriguing beast of a ride that certainly can’t sit still for  long. That 5.1-second time utilized only 950 of the available horses. Heffner estimates that it’ll get cut down to 4 seconds when unleashing the full stable. To give a comparison, the stock Murcielago takes 9.5 seconds-and it ain’t exactly a slouch. Further information and pricing are available from Heffner, but most of us will be content ogling the pictures below. [via AutoBlog]