Ferrari Fury: Novitec’s Near-900-Hp 599 GTO

Feb 02, 2021 - By

novitec rosso 599 2 Ferrari Fury: Novitecs Near 900 Hp 599 GTO

Back when the 599 GTO came out, Ferrari called it the fastest road-going Ferrari ever. Of course, that designation didn’t take extreme tunes into account. And when you take the fastest Ferrari ever and put it through an extreme tune, you have a beast of a car.

Novitec Rosso used two supercharges, a modified exhaust system, an air-to-water intercooler and custom intake manifolds to achieve 888 horses and 636 lb-ft (up from 671 hp and 457 lb-ft) in its 599 GTO tune. That equipment chops .15 seconds off the 0 to 62 mph, which is brought down to 3.2 seconds, and adds 3 mph up to a 211 mph top speed.

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Video: The Ferrari FF Goes Everywhere

Feb 01, 2021 - By

ferrari ff Web veil 2 Video: The Ferrari FF Goes Everywhere

Last week, Ferrari held an official unveiling of the FF concept for VIP types. It also provided Web access to the event. Frankly, I thought Ferrari already held a Web unveiling last month, but I guess this one was different.

One way it was different is that it brought the best video clip of the FF yet. A three-minute segment that shows the concept barreling through just about every type of terrain you’d drive on-snow, wet pavement, dirt road, sand, etc. It also shows the FF in a few new colors. It’s a great piece of video that begs to be watched. Jump and it’s all yours. [via Inside Line]

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Leaky Lambo Aventador Strikes Again

Jan 25, 2021 - By

Lambo Aventador Leak 2 Leaky Lambo Aventador Strikes Again

Three more pictures. That’s today’s bounty. We now have a much better look at the Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 thanks to a profile and angled front-end picture that originated on Jalopnik yesterday. We see the masterful balance of big curves and sharp lines that Lamborghini combined to make an absolutely stunning flagship. The pictures appear to be out of the same magazine as the first leaked picture from earlier this week.

All we need now is a photo of the rear. Take a good hard look and decide for yourself if it’s not the next logical step forward from the Countach, Diablo and Murcielago. [via Jalopnik]

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Another Teaser For The Gumpert Tornante?

Jan 20, 2021 - By

Speculation has it that this here is a second teaser picture of the Gumpert Tornante. While no one seems to know the exact origin of the photo, the car’s overall shape does look a lot like that of the first Tornante picture that we saw. And the clean taillights certainly look like they’d complement the smooth curves around the body. Of course, the lines are a little sharper in this particular picture, but the first picture was a rather abstract illustration, so that doesn’t necessarily convince us that it’s not the Tornante.

I suppose we’ll know for sure when Gumpert unveils its new Touring Superleggera-designed tourer in Geneva next week. [via Motor Authority]

Bertone-Designed Jaguar B99 Concept

Jan 18, 2021 - By

Bertone Jag B99 Bertone Designed Jaguar B99 Concept

Another sexy Geneva debut, the B99 is designed by Italian design firm Bertone in cooperation with Jaguar. The concept is meant to give us a look at the possible direction that Jaguar could take with a new small sedan that it is planning for 2013/2014.

Bertone sought to compact the dimensions of the sedan, while maintaining an equal weight distribution over the wheels. So, instead of designing a rear-oriented fastback, Bertone cut out the B-pillar and made reverse rear doors. This structure gives the B99-which is named for Bertone’s 99th anniversary-the shorter dimensions that Jaguar is looking for, with a look removed from fastback models like the XJ and XF.

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Dog Sledders Film Ferrari FF Testing

Jan 17, 2021 - By

Ferrari FF dog sled video Dog Sledders Film Ferrari FF Testing

There’s most certainly a joke about the FF being a dog in here, but I think the story about the best footage yet of the Ferarri FF coming from a dog-sledding duo really outshines any attempt at such a comparison. So right to the story…

Somewhere in the mountains of Europe, Ferrari was doing some testing of its first-ever 4WD, and dog sledders just happened to be passing by and they just happened to have a video camera filming the FF’s every move. While they only got about 30 seconds worth of footage, it’s some of the cleanest shots yet that we’ve seen of Ferrari’s shooting brake. Who knew it would come from mushers?

Hit the break and see what these resourceful sledders were able to come up with. [via GT Spirit]

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Bentley Continental Supersports Is the Fastest Car on Ice

Jan 16, 2021 - By

Bentley Ice Record 2 Bentley Continental Supersports Is the Fastest Car on Ice

Bentley may come up a little short when it comes to a list of the world’s fastest cars, but it does have one speed record: fastest speed on ice. Bentley announced this week that a Continental Supersports piloted by Juha Kankkunen hit a world-record-breaking ice speed of 205.48 mph. Bentley took the record from itself: Kankkunen set a 199.83 mph ice record in a Continental GT in 2007.

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McLaren Releases Official Specs For the MP4-12C

Jan 10, 2021 - By

It kind of took forever, but McLaren has come clean with the official performance specs of the MP4-12C, now that production is underway. The 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 will pump out 592 horses and will push the coupe to 62 mph in 3.3 seconds. Drivers will be able to shave .2 seconds off that time in optional Corsa tires, and will be able to double that speed in 9.1 seconds (8.9 with Corsa tires). Top speed won’t come until 205 mph.

And to think, the MP4-12C will just be the entry-level supercar of the McLaren family… [via WCF]

Lamborghini Teases Aventador LP700-4

Jan 07, 2021 - By

With just three more weeks to go before Geneva, Lamborghini has released a teaser picture of a camoed-up Aventador. The picture doesn’t give us anything that spy photos haven’t, but it’s certainly a good look at the overall shape of the new top Bull. We expect to see a few more official teasers from Lambo over the next few weeks.

Recap: The Aventador LP700-4 will carry 691 hp and 509 lb-ft of torque in an all-new 6.5-liter V12 engine. It’s expected to hit 62 mph in 2.9 seconds and top out at 217 mph.

Lambo will pull all the covers off on March 1. [via InsideLine]